Thoughts on Relaxation and Celebration


There is a time to let down your hair…time to give your troubles to the wind and enjoy a moment. Time to have some relaxation, which is very necessary for rejuvenation and stress release.  Taking time off to enjoy the festivities around you is always a good thing.

This weekend I  decided that I needed to enjoy every moment and so I made it a priority, while on vacation, to relax and celebrate with my family and fellow Jamaicans.


Many activities were around the island today, as Jamaica celebrated its Independence,  fifty-fifth (55) birthday.  One such activity was the Denbigh Agricultural Show, where all the farmers from around the country came to one place with their produce and livestock etc to compete.

There were many booths and displays of participants. The displays were colorful and interesting, show casing creativity, talent and the hard work of our farmers. There was much food and drink on sale, along with toys and other goodies for children. Sounds of music could be heard from far and there were signs of festivities every where.

What better way to relax and celebrate, than to be among people with food, drink, and music.  It was a good day to relax and celebrate. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Relaxation and Celebration

    1. Relaxation is often forgotten. Self-care is also neglected. It is paramount that we don’t forget to care for our selves and our families

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