Thoughts on Peace of Mind

Warm Calming Waters

How important is your peace of mind?
The mind is the powerhouse of our being
It is where our thoughts are formed
Where we process what to do next in all situations.
Our mind, therefore, has to be stable, calm and at peace.
The mind has to be renewed to keep the peace of mind.  The mind needs reviving, rejuvenating and
Restoring – that’s renewal…’renewing our minds’ (Romans 12:2 NIV)
Feeding the mind with wholesome thoughts is paramount to keep the peace of mind.
So, aim every day to maintain peace of mind.
Without peace of mind, we are: 
Cherish your peace of mind.
Practice meditation to calm the mind. 
Look at the simple things in life, the calm warm waters of the sea
The beauty around us, all designed to help renew and restore our minds.
Try it this weekend, see how much it helps.

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