Thoughts on Living

Beautiful day….beautiful weather…bringing together the simplicity of life. Nature is a great story teller – the sunlight, the flowers, green grass on the hills. Even the dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and the rains.  All of which makes life so enjoyable. Could you see life without nature?

Waste no time with the problems you are facing, holding a grudge, hating on others, being jealous, getting depressed. Life is just too short, and unpredictable to give negativities any place in your life.

Look around, you have life, you can use your limbs, you can see, hear, taste, smell the freshness of the air, and feel the breeze.

Count your blessings.

Be thankful, not hateful.

Be productive, not lazy.

Be happy, not sad.

Wear a smile, not a frown.

Live one moment at a time.

There are so many benefits around, reach out and grasp them.

L I V E!!!


Sign: keggy


One thought on “Thoughts on Living

  1. Nice piece. You have shown us the reasons to be thankful to God. We must live to touch lives positively.

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