Thoughts of Gratitude

Morning has broken…a new day…there is gratitude floating around me… I am thankful that my body is functional…working mind…eyes are seeing….moving hands…feet that walk… There are many in our community, struggling with health issues…without the functionality of their mind, body, and soul. Let us always be grateful.  ... Read More

Thoughts on Fighting Life Challenges

“Whatever life is throwing at you right at this moment, be determined to fight through, because life is not without challenges”. I wrote this quote as I plodded through the challenges I faced almost daily. The question often asked, how do you fight through life challenges when we are faced with issues such as: Finances […]... Read More

Thoughts on Peace of Mind

Warm Calming Waters How important is your peace of mind? The mind is the powerhouse of our being It is where our thoughts are formed Where we process what to do next in all situations. Our mind, therefore, has to be stable, calm and at peace. The mind has to be renewed to keep the […]... Read More
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Thoughts of a Caregiver – Part 2

The Progress My journey as a caregiver has seen much progress. In part 1, we ended with some useful recommendations on caregiving. From those recommendations, I have since learned how to pace myself preventing a burn-out. Here, I will explore and share a few. Time Management The first Sunday evening of that first weekend I was frazzled.  With the […]... Read More

The Caregiver’s Thoughts – Part 1

Recently, I was thrust into caregiving. It came about as a result of a sudden illness of my loved one.  I have heard about and witness my friends and family giving care to their loved ones. From a sick parent to an elderly bedridden parent.  My friends’ experience of caregiving was a paradigm shift demonstrated in a […]... Read More

Deadly Thoughts

The thought of death often perplexes the mind.  That grand finale, the last act on the stage of life, as the curtains come down on life’s performance of our loved ones, friends or colleagues.  This is known as death, which leaves us with a void, and an emptiness. What is this final act of life anyway? Why does it […]... Read More


STING OF DEATH Death, The stealer of life, Leaving so much pain for the heart and soul. Death, So final So sure Stings like a bee. Leaving me, sore. Death, Comes only to snatch you from us You, my friend, gone forever Never to be seen again. Oh! Missing my colleague and friend. But death […]... Read More

Welcome to keggy’s page.

Our first discussion will be about the idea behind creating this platform on “Thoughts”. Why we have them and how they drive us. What are ‘Thoughts,’ anyway?  Thoughts are defined as – a mind activity; a single act of thinking; an idea, a notion”. ( The question of what ‘Thoughts’ are, has fascinated me for so long, […]... Read More