Lonely Thoughts

How does it work?
Does loneliness affect you?
Eating at your mind, 
Gnawing at your throat, 
Chewing at your heart, 
Grinding at you?
Is loneliness likes a pest eating away at your mind?

Have you ever just wanted something 
To disappear so bad that it frightens you?
Don't be surprised at yourself, 
Loneliness is no respecter of person, it can happen to anyone, 
Whether you are in or out of love.

Loneliness breaks your heart, and sore your eyes from crying.
When loneliness peaks, you just wish there is some way around it.
You run, scream and bawl, wanting to get away from it.

Loneliness breeds sadness and even madness
Making life's journey seemingly darker than ever before.

But one thing is for sure, 
Because I am with you, 
Your love and companionship changed my loneliness 
To wholesomeness as we fell deeper in love.

(c) Karen Edwards-Gregory


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