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Our first discussion will be about the idea behind creating this platform on “Thoughts”. Why we have them and how they drive us.

What are ‘Thoughts,’ anyway?  Thoughts are defined as – a mind activity; a single act of thinking; an idea, a notion”. (Dictionary.com)

The question of what ‘Thoughts’ are, has fascinated me for so long, that I’ve decided it’s time to talk about it, explore it, and share and discuss with others their own ideas on “Thoughts”.

Seem simple. Yeah, I know.  But have you never wondered about your thoughts and how they drive your feelings and emotions? My own thoughts, and how my thoughts tend to drive me up the wall at times, making and/or breaking me, have led me to research “Thoughts”.  It was an interesting research, hence my decision to share.

Our every move is directed by our thoughts and from the definition, I realized that the mind is the power machine behind our thoughts. It could be said, that the mind, where all the thinking, ideas, thoughts and take place, pushes us to make decisions and to take action.

We will definitely be delving more into the fascinating work of the ‘mind’ that give rise to our thoughts.

Come with me on this journey of the mind, the creator of “thoughts that drive us”.


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