About Me

Hail from Jamaica, living in the tropics, I am drawn to nature – flowers, water, earth – I am completely at peace in the outdoors, watching nature. In the outdoors, my mind receives clarity and my thoughts are developed.

The most important part of our existence is each other.  To interact, listen, converse and exchange ideas, I believe, will help with solving our problems and discussions about issues, and to celebrate each others’ accomplishments. To be there when we need support.

Interaction comes not only with conversing but through writing.   Being a poet, I have the opportunity help others identify with their inner most self, with nature and the world around us.  Expressing feelings and desire through poetry.

Developing my ‘blog’ has also given me the opportunity interact, to reach out to others, as we talk about the issues, the joys of life and sharing with each other, which is paramount to living in this global environment.

A lover of God, a mother of a four-year-old, a wife, sister to my two brothers, daughter, friend, and associate, administrator, poet, a blogger  I live to serve my family, friends and the globe. Together, we can make a difference, one random act at a time.