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Our first discussion will be about the idea behind creating this platform on “Thoughts”. Why we have them and how they drive us. What are ‘Thoughts,’ anyway?  Thoughts are defined as – a mind activity; a single act of thinking; an idea, a notion”. (Dictionary.com) The question of what ‘Thoughts’ are, has fascinated me for so long, […]... Read More

Personal Thoughts on Parenting

Explore Parenting November is celebrated as parent month and as a newbie at parenting, I decided to share my experience as a parent and as a mother. So far, I have learned about life in its different stages by watching my daughter move from stage to stage. It is fascinating to watch her develop through […]... Read More

Raining thoughts

Rain, Rain… Raining now Raining then Raining all around Wetness now Wetness then Wetness all around When will we have Dryness now Dryness then Dryness all around Will you come soon        ... Read More


You affect my heart so deeplyOh, what an effect you have on meToday, you make me gladYesterday, you made me sadTomorrow, what effect will you have on me?My heart is longing for painless affection... Read More

Elusive Love Thoughts

What is love? Why is it so hard to find? This ‘thing called love’. Love is giving, caring, kind, patient, selfless…. One often asks, “And if love is all of that and more, why is it so elusive?”Am I not giving enough? Caring enough? Am I not kind enough? Patient enough? Do I not live a selfless […]... Read More

Morning thoughts

Morning has broken, it’ s another opportunity for new things, putting away the old experiences and starting to create new ones…. Time to make new ‘foot prints in the sand…’... Read More

EXPERIENCE, The Greatest Teacher 

​Experience is the greatest teacher…no one can teach you about all of life’s circumstances…You have to experience the event to learn the lesson… They say ‘experience teaches wisdom.’ When you have had your experience, please learn the lesson and share with someone else. There is always a lesson to learn.... Read More
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Rocky Thoughts

Recently, I have been thinking about stones and rocks. I have been collecting stones for as long as I can remember. These three stones have been with me for a while. One evening, ten years ago, I collected these three stones from the sea shores of St. Thomas, in Jamaica. I fell in love with […]... Read More
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Thoughts on Living

Beautiful day….beautiful weather…bringing together the simplicity of life. Nature is a great story teller – the sunlight, the flowers, green grass on the hills. Even the dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and the rains.  All of which makes life so enjoyable. Could you see life without nature? Waste no time with the problems you are facing, […]... Read More
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Thoughts of Disappointment

Standing in the shadows is how it feels when you are disappointed by someone you hoped would not. Is it that your feelings don’t matter? Consider, however, your disappointment turning around and becoming a surprise that you would die for. That now gives you the most fabulous feeling. You then realize that life is too […]... Read More